Vegan Message Buttons


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Vegan Message Buttons

We're happy to offer an assortment of buttons to wear that convey your feelings on topics that are important to you. Each button is 1.5" in diameter and are $1.00 each. Available in the following statements:

"My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma"

"I Don't Eat Anything with a Face"

"Beef - It's What's Clogging Your Arteries"

"Eat Beans Not Beings"

"Torturing One Animal is Cruelty - Torturing Many Animals is Science?"

"Why Experiment on Animals when there are so Many Lawyers?"

"Humans aren't the only Species on Earth - We Just Act Like it"

"Reduce - Recycle - Reuse - Restore"

"We Belong to the earth - the earth does not belong to us"

"Tofu - the other white meat"

"Oh - so that explains the difference in our salaries (2 babies looking down their diapers)

"Keep it Simple- Buy Organic"

"Vegetarians Save Lives"

Purchase Vegan Message Buttons

  • Design: Meat People Suck; I Don't Eat Anything with a Face; Beef - It's What's Clogging Your Arteries; Eat Beans Not Beings; Torturing One Animal is Cruelty; Why Experiment on Animals; Humans aren't the only Species; Reduce - Recycle - Reuse - Restore; Tofu- The Other White Meat; We Belong to the Earth- It Does Not Belong To Us; Oh, So That Explains the Diff In Our Salaries; Reproductive Choice; Vegetarians Save Lives; Keep it Simple- Buy Organic; My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma

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