Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colorings


Purchase Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colorings

Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colorings

Tints of Nature is the first long-lasting permanent hair color to use an advanced formula containing certified organic ingredients. Created without harsh ammonia, parabens or nonoxynol, the gentle natural formula helps to ensure damage-free results that will maintain the hairís natural moisture and protein balance. The extra mild low odor pharmaceutical grade peroxide is extra-stable and gives hair a natural feel and shine while minimizing the possibility of damage to hair or irritation to skin. The naturally derived soy base is cleaner and less harmful than other chemically based formulas used by many other hair coloring companies. Available in 24 Colors as follows: [Click image at right to see an extra-large color chart]

- Natural Black
- Natural Darkest Brown
- Natural Dark Brown
- Natural Medium Brown
- Natural Light Brown
- Natural Dark Blonde
- Natural Medium Blonde
- Natural Light Blonde
- Natural Platinum Blonde
- Rich Chocolate Brown
- Medium Mahogany Brown
- Earth Red
- Light Golden Brown
- Rich Copper Brown
- Dark Ash Blonde
- Medium Red Copper
- Dark Toffee Blonde
- Medium Golden Blonde
- Medium Mahogany Blonde
- Soft Copper Blonde
- Light Henna Red
- Light Ash Blonde
- Extra Light Blonde

Tints of Nature hair colorings are also packaged in eco-friendly recycled cardboard boxes with a biodegradable PLA sleeve wrapper. All colors are $18.99 each.

Color Gel Ingredients: PEG-2 Soyamine, purified water, cocomide DEA, denatured alcohol, oleic acid, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, hydrolyzed wheat protein, natural banana fragrance, PEG-7 coconut glycerides, organic aloe vera extract, organic comfrey extract, organic orange extract, organic grapefruit extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, disodium salt, sodium hydrosulfate, sodium EDTA, phenylendiamines, 2 Amino-4 hydroxyethylaminoanisole, 4-Cholo, 2-Methyl, P-Amino Phenol, M-Amino Phenol

Color Fix Ingredients: Purified water, hydrogen peroxide (pharmaceutical grade), organic chamomile extract, polyquaternium-10, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, vitamin E, etidronic acid

Purchase Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colorings

  • Color: 1N / Natural Black; 2N / Natural Darkest Brown; 3N / Natural Dark Brown; 4N / Natural Medium Brown; 5N / Natural Light Brown; 6N / Natural Dark Blonde; 7N / Natural Medium Blonde; 8N / Natural Light Blonde; 10N / Natural Platinum Blonde; 4CH / Rich Chocolate Brown; 4M / Medium Mahogany Brown; 4RR / Earth Red; 5D / Light Golden Brown; 5R / Rich Copper Brown; 6C / Dark Ash Blonde; 6RM / Medium Red Copper; 6TF / Dark Toffee Blonde; 7D / Medium Golden Blonde; 7M / Medium Mahogany Blonde; 7R / Soft Copper Blonde; 7RL / Medium Bright Copper; 8RR / Light Henna Red; 10C / Light Ash Blonde; 10XL / Extra Light Blonde

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