RFSU Vegan Condoms


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RFSU Vegan Condoms

The vegan condoms from Sweden are finally here in the USA, and they're both durable yet unbelievably soft and sensual for optimal sensation. Vegan-certified by Vegan Action, RFSU condoms are are available in 4 unique styles:

Profil - luxuriously thin for extra sensitivity and a natural feeling

Mamba - snug style, designed for a close fit

Okeido - longer than average and with a fuller tip than regular condoms, ideal for those who are uncircumcized or don't like the feeling of a regular tapered condom

Birds ‘n Bees - this condom has bumps and ribs for extra pleasure. 

All are made of natural latex without the dairy additives that are found in most condom brands. Each pack contains 3 condoms. $6.49 per package.

Purchase RFSU Vegan Condoms

  • Style: Profil; Mamba; Okeido; Birds ‘n Bees

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