Lipstick by Zuzu Luxe


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Lipstick by Zuzu Luxe

These lipsticks are hands-down the best we've ever seen and tried. And we've spent time comparing them to their trendy, unfriendly, department store counterparts. The colors are fabulous, and the lipstick is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, unlike other natural ones we have tried. If that's not enough, they are completely free of carmine, beeswax, and FD&C colors. .12 tube for $17.99. Available in the following colors:

Allure - reddish coral (light shimmer)
Beso Beso- raspberry pink shimmer (was formerly a sheer light purple opalescent shimmer)
Chocolate Cherry- dark brown w/pink undertones (matte)
Dollhouse Pink- bright candy pink (matte)
Femme Fatale- dark wine/ plum (matte)
Galaxy- sweet berry tone in creme - (was formerly a medium purple w/pink undertones shimmer)
Golden Bronze- sandy peach color with gold sparkles (was formerly a shimmery coral with gold undertones shimmer
Icon- medium pinkish purple w/silver undertones (shimmer)
Indulgence- medium pinkish brown (shimmer)
Luxe- burgundy red with copper undertone (was formerly a darker brown w/pink undertones shimmer)
Obsession- dark brown w/reddish pink undertones (shimmer)
Patina- nude (shimmer)
Sazerac- medium coral w/silver undertones (shimmer)
Siesta- light orange/coral (shimmer)
Sin- brick red w/gold undertones (shimmer)
Siren- medium coral/red w/gold undertones (shimmer)
Starlet- pure bright red (matte)
Temptress- medium purple/brown w/pink undertones (shimmer)
Truth or Dare- sheer light pink (matte)
Uber- creamy clear color with gold sparkles (was formerly an opalescent with gold undertones shimmer)
Ultra Suede- beautiful flesh-tone creme finish (was formerly a sheer light taupe with purple undertones shimmer)
Ultra Violet- medium purplish pink w/silver undertones (shimmer)
Vegas- medium yellowish copper w/gold undertones (shimmer)
Vino de Amor- dark red w/pink undertones (matte)

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Sesame Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Lecithin, Bisabalol, Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, St. John's Wort Extract

Purchase Lipstick by Zuzu Luxe

  • Color: Allure; Beso Beso; Chocolate Cherry; Dollhouse Pink; Femme Fatale; Galaxy; Golden Bronze; Icon; Indulgence; Luxe; Obsession; Patina; Sazerac; Siesta; Sin; Siren; Starlet; Temptress; Truth or Dare; Uber; Ultra Suede; Ultra Violet; Vegas; Vino de Amor

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