Companion Animal Toothpaste by Orme Naturali


Purchase Companion Animal Toothpaste by Orme Naturali

Companion Animal Toothpaste by Orme Naturali

This all-natural toothpaste, based on clays and essential oils, cleans deeply with gentle abrasive action, controls harmful plaque buildup and freshens breath. It also strengthens and protects your companion animals' teeth and gums to help prevent dental problems that can cause infection and health issues over time. 70ml tube is $8.95.

Ingredients: Sorbitol, water, kaolin clay, parfum (mint fragrance), chondrus crispus extract, titanium dioxide, illcium verum oil, sodium coco-glucoside tartrate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, salvia officinalis oil, glucose, lavender oil, linalool, vegetable glycerin, ascorbic acid, citrus grandis extract, limonene, geraniol

Purchase Companion Animal Toothpaste by Orme Naturali

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