Cold Shipper Bag


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Cold Shipper Bag

An economical option for orders containing 1 to 8 perishable items(depending on items ordered) and are within a 2 day ship time from Wisconsin (see below for state listings.) We recommend 2nd Day Air shipping with this option if you are outside of those areas. Includes a Cool Shield bag and cold packing. $3.95.

Note: For larger quantities of perishable items and for increased cold retention, please choose the Cold Shipper Box. Cold shipper bags and boxes are NOT discountable with any coupon codes or other discount offers to reduce the normal price.

**IMPORTANT** - Read below for full details on shipping perishable items!

1. Orders containing Cold Shippers will only ship Monday through Wednesday (if it can not arrive in the same week) to avoid them sitting in a UPS warehouse over the weekend.

2. We recommend choosing 2nd Day Air shipping unless you live within a 2 day ship time from Wisconsin. The following states can ship via UPS Ground: WI, IL, MN, IN, MI, IA, MO, OH, KY, TN, WV, NE, KS (eastern half of state), GA (northern half of state), ND (eastern half of state), PA (western half of state), New York (western half of state). All other areas do not have a 2-day UPS Ground shipping range from our warehouse, and we cannot replace the items if they do not arrive in usable condition.

3. We only suggest shipping to a PO Box if you are within a 2 day shipping time from Wisconsin (see state listings above.) Please check your PO Box daily, as we will not replace items that have been left at the Post Office after delivery.

4. We strongly recommend choosing 2nd Day Air shipping to Alaska and Hawaii (please request this in the “Messages/Comments” section in the shopping cart- it is not a standard option when checking out.) We cannot guarantee shipments that ship via Priority Mail even with the purchase of a Cold Shipper Box.

5. We cannot guarantee shipments outside of the US even with the purchase of a Cold Shipper Box. Order at your own risk.

Purchase Cold Shipper Bag

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